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  4. Wait for confirmation
  5. Collect the equipment as directed

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Current Bookings

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Equipment List

Training AidsProjector Screen2Gill Hill
Training AidsDigital Projector2Gill Hill
Training AidsLaptop computer1Gill Hill
Training AidsFlip chart plus Paper1
Training AidsRessusie Annie2Erica Hunter
Training AidsVelcro Dislay Boards (tatty )3Container 1
Training AidsOverhead Projector and laptop1
Training AidsLong Leads for Projector2
Training AidsMonitor Splitter1
District FlagsDistrict Flag and Holder1
District FlagsSt George Flag and Holder1
District FlagsUnion Flag and Holder1
District FlagsSAS Flag and Holder1
Cycle AccessoriesBicycle pannier Racks Rear (suspension )1
Cycle AccessoriesPannier Racks Front10
Cycle AccessoriesHandlebar Basket1
Cycle AccessoriesPannier Rack Disc Brakes1
Cycle AccessoriesPannier Racks Standard10
Cycle AccessoriesCombination Cycle Locks9
Cycle AccessoriesPannier Bags Front6
Cycle AccessoriesPannier Bags Rear13
Cycle AccessoriesBox Assorted Spares,Pumps,Spanners, etc.1
LightingHurricane Lamps Paraffin6Container 2
LightingBullfinch Mini Floods ( clamp Type )2Container 2
LightingBullfinch Handy Lamps7Container 2
LightingGaz Lamps to fit 907 bottles3Container 2
LightingFlashing road Lights18Container 1
LightingGas Lamps 9076Container 2
LightingColeman Petrol Lamps2
Generators3KW Gas Generators2
CanvasMess / Party 8m x 4m.5Container 2
CanvasUtility tent 200cm x 200 cm1
CanvasFirst Aid Tent1
CanvasTent Tarp & guys 12ft x 12ft.1
CanvasStore tent / 4 man1
CanvasVango 4 person Delta 400plus1
CanvasVango Shandon 2001
CanvasVango Tornado 2001
CanvasVango Alpha 2001
CanvasVango Spectre 2001
CanvasLichfield Apache 3 person tent1
Cooking / Kitchen20cm Cooking Pots21
Cooking / Kitchen28cm Cooking Pots5
Cooking / KitchenColeman Cooking Set2
Cooking / KitchenWashing Up Bowls4Container 2
Cooking / KitchenMixing Bowls2
Cooking / KitchenCollendars9
Cooking / KitchenFrying Pans / Woks20
Cooking / KitchenBuckets15Container 1
Cooking / KitchenKettles4Container 2
Cooking / KitchenTeapot Large1Container 2
Cooking / KitchenTeapot Small1Container 2
Cooking / KitchenBox of assorted kitchen utensils1Container 2
Cooking / KitchenWater Carriers28
Cooking / KitchenGraters4Container 2
Cooking / KitchenBox Assorted Pans and Lids1Container 2
Cooking / KitchenPotato Peelers10Container 2
Cooking / KitchenPlastic Bowls2Container 2
Cooking / KitchenAli / St Cooking Trays ( 1 lid )6Container 2
Cooking / KitchenCalor Gas Boilers2Container 2
Cooking/KitchenElectric Bercos (need to be checked)2Container 2
Games etc.Indoor curling set1Gill Hill
Games etc.Large Kerplunk Game1
Games etc.Cactus Game1
Games etc.Chinese discs1
Games etc.Juggling Balls12
Games etc.Table Tennis Bats24
Games etc.Table Tennis Nets2
Games etc.Tennis Balls20
Games etc.Plastic Raquets4
Games etc.One Metre Ball & Inflator1
Games etc.Box golf Balls (200)1
Games etc.Wood Block Tower (Jenga)57Container 1
Games etc.Quoit No Blocks12
Games etc.Footballs3
Games etc.Cricket Bats2
Games etc.Small Traffic Cones10
Games etc.Frisbeys4
Games etc.Stomp Rockets2
Games etc.Velcro Balls & Target4
Games etc.Rocket Air Kits2
Games etc.Assorted Magic Tricks16
Games etc.Diablo Sticks & Strings20
Games etc.Football Goal Game1
Games etc.Quoits Rings8
Games etc.Various Sticks (spinners&kerplunk)
Games etc.Space hoppers12
Games etc.Rounders Bats2
Games etc.Packs rubber quoits2
Games etc.Football pumps2
Games etc.Dart boards12
Games etc.Gymnastic clubs4
Games etc.Two Metre Ball1
Games etc.Sets of 3 Darts8
Games etc.Football Pumps2
Games etc.Mono Cycle3
Games etc.Assorted Juggling Equipment
Games etc.Archery Targets 80 Arrows Various Bows.6
Games etc.Air Rifles plus targets and range.8Securely Stored
Cooking / StovesMeths bottles1Container 2
Cooking / StovesStove windbreaks15Container 2
Cooking / StovesColman Double petrol burners4Container 2
Cooking / StovesDouble gas burners14Container 2
Cooking / StovesTrangier Burner7Container 2
Cooking / StovesSingle Burners for 9072Container 2
Cooking / StovesDouble Burner 9071Container 2
Cooking / StovesSingle 907 Cylinder Top Burner1Container 2
Cooking / StovesDouble Propane Cooker1Container 2
Cooking / StovesSingle Burner Cast Ring1Container 2
Cooking / StovesSingle Propane Burner Folding2Container 2
Cooking / StovesLightweight Single Screw Burners for Disposable Cylinder3Container 2
Cooking / StovesLightweight Single Clip on Burner for Disposable Cylinder1Container 2
Cooking / StovesTrangiers with gas converters7Container 2
MiscelaneousSmall Folding Table1Container 2
MiscelaneousGropac Tables 6ft x 3ft4Container 1
MiscelaneousRolls Hazard Tape2Container 1
MiscelaneousPairs of Scissors9Container 2
MiscelaneousRigid Cold Boxes1Container 2
MiscelaneousA4 Laminator1Jane Taylor
MiscelaneousMetal Detector (Maplins)1
MiscelaneousLoud Hailers2Container 1
MiscelaneousStandard Rucksack6Container 2
MiscelaneousLarge 6l rucksacks6Container 2
MiscelaneousScout size hammocks8Container 2
MiscelaneousLarge hammocks4Container 2
MiscelaneousTarpaulins12Container 2
MiscelaneousFlag Holders for St George's Day4Container 1
MiscelaneousWhite 1 ton bags10Container 1