Young Leader Resources

So you think you’d like a young leader in your section? Excellent, you’ve come to the right place to find out more.

Young leaders are an integral and essential part of running a successful section and represent our best hopes for future adult leaders.

When used to full effect, a young leader will enhance the Scouting experience for both young and adult members alike. It really is a win-win formula that contributes to the vitality of Scouting this District and far beyond, now and for years to come.

1 Young Leader Frontispiece

2 FS103965 – Info for Section Leaders

3 FS103966 – Working with YLs in your section

4 Young Leaders Badges

5 Young Leaders modules

6 Young Leaders Missions

7 Young Leaders Placement Agreement mod2

For further help and advice, please contact a member of the District team and specifically:

Bill Carter, District Explorer Scout Administrator (DESA)