Training Requirements

The following lists out the training requirements for roles within the Group. It does not make judgements on whether people already have those skills or not – that is the next stage.

New Appointees

Col A Group Chairman, Group Secretary, Group Treasurer, Group Administrator, Group Adviser, Group President, Group Vice-President
Col B Section Assistants
Col C Leaders and Assistant Leaders

Changes of Appointment

Col D Leader to Assistant in same Section or vice versa
Col E Leader to Leader (or Assistant) in different Section
Col F Section Assistant to Leader or Assistant

It may be in discussion that for example an Assistant moving to Leader in the same Section needs to do some additional training although it is not specifically required.

Under the ‘Change of Appointment’ sections where no training is required, this is only the case if the training was carried out in the previous appointment. Where no training is required (n), validation is not required either.

New Appointee Change of Appointment
01 Essential Information Y Y Y N N N
02 Personal Learning Plan Y Y Y Y
03 Tools for the Job Y Y N Y N
05 Fundamental Values of Scouting Y N N Y
06 Changes in Scouting Y N N Y
07 Valuing Diversity Y N N Y
08 Skills of Leadership Y N N Y
09 Working with Adults Y N N Y
10 First Aid (must be up to date at change of role) Y N N Y
11 Administration (Sections) Y N n Y
12 Providing a Balanced Programme Y N Y Y
13 Growing the Movement Y N Y Y
14 Young People Today Y N Y Y
15 Challenging Behaviour Y N Y Y
16 Nights Away Y N N Y
17 Activities Outdoors Y N N Y
18 Practical Skills Y N Y Y
19 International Y N N Y