Jubilee Riverside

We have agreed with Jubilee Riverside a selection of water activities that any of our Leaders can easily arrange direct with them providing easy to organise and exciting activities for our young people. This is open to Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers and Network. Beavers must have the agreement of their GSL and ADC (Beaver Scouts), and the activity must be undertaken in line with the protocol that we have has circulated to Beaver Scout Leaders.

The activities that can be undertaken are as follows:

We can provide rowing and kayaking activities for varying abilities
as well as special events such as ” Glow Paddle “events where we
decorate boats in glowsticks engage in a moonlit paddle and finish
off drinking hot chocolate and toasting marshmallows on the
firepit. We can also organise longer paddling /touring sessions

  • Kayaking
  • Glow Paddle
  • Touring
  • Rowing

The cost inclusive of all equipment and instruction is £7.50 per person for a 90 minute session. Regarding max numbers this does vary by section, but this can be up to up to 32 depending on activity and location.

All you need to do to arrange this is contact them using the details here Activity Details and request a booking.

To reclaim the money from district fill out Water Activities Reclaim Form

There are a couple of simple stipulations:

  • A Leader must be present (although not necessarily on the water)
  • The Leader must ensure compliance with POR Rule 9.42 regarding ability to swim – Rule 9.42(a) states : “Members taking part in any water activity (those which take place on or in the water) must be able to demonstrate to a suitable person their ability to swim 50 metres in clothing and equipment appropriate to the activity (where a buoyancy aid or life jacket is worn for the activity this may be used for the demonstration) and keep afloat for five minutes. Anyone unable to meet these requirements is classified as a non-swimmer and must follow Rule 9.42(b).

In order to support you taking your Colony, Pack, Troop or Unit on these exciting activities, the District Executive Committee has agreed to subsidise them. So in any given time period (see below) the District will pay 50% of the cost of any one evening in that period for every Beaver Colony, Cub Pack, Scout Troop or Explorer Scout Unit.

The periods for the subsidy are:

  • March to June
  • July to October
  • November to February

The subsidy can only be used once in any one period! You can still go more often, but no subsidy will be available.

You will still need to complete the District Activities Form in the usual way.