Geoff Hill Fund – International


To encourage and support international experiences for young people in Maidenhead Scout District.


International experiences are an important part of Scouting and we need to encourage an increase in these activities, which enable young people to appreciate and better understand different cultures, countries and peoples.


To subsidise young people in international experiences, excluding World Scout Jamborees which are supported by other funds within the District.

This would be on the basis of part subsidy (with the individual and Group paying a proportion).

Fund allocation

We would anticipate a budget of £ 1,500 per annum which would ensure that the fund extends to some 10 to 12 years dependant on interest rates.


  • The purpose of the Geoff Hill Fund is to encourage and support international experiences for young people in Maidenhead Scout District. This is not restricted to young people travelling outside of the United Kingdom, and may include our younger Sections gaining international experiences within the UK at International Camps, or other programmed activities with an international context.
  • Any young person who is a member of the Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorer Scouts or Scout Network involved within Maidenhead District Scouting may apply for funding through the Geoff Hill Fund. Block funding for a District Sectional international experience can also be considered rather than each individual applying.
  • It should be noted that funding is not available from this fund for the World Scout Jamboree or for adult members.
  • It is assumed that the cost of any international experience (including travel and subsistence) will be split between the individual, Group and the Geoff Hill Fund in varying ways. The Geoff Hill fund will subsidise a maximum of one third of the activity, subject to the overall funding cap.

International – Operating Guidelines Final

  • The funding year is 1 September to 31 August.
  • Provided the applicant accepts the above then the process is as follows:
    1. Complete application form through the Maidenhead Scout District Website. (Below)
    2. Applications are accepted at any time within the year, but will generally only be considered at the start of March for any international experiences occurring in the Summer of that year. Applications for grants for the Summer period must be submitted by the 28th February.
    3. It is reasonably assumed that any trip abroad for the Summer will need to be well underway with the organisation by the February. This will give the Trustees the ability to consider all applicants in that year and not therefore have to give precedence to those who apply early.
    4. Applications for smaller amounts, perhaps for Beavers or Cubs attending more local international experiences can be considered outside of this time frame.
    5. The request will then be considered by the Trustees of the Fund who will consider the application and the available funding for the year. The Trustees decision is final.
    6. You will be notified of the decision
  • The Trustees will consider grant applications for the Summer period at a meeting during the preceding March. Decisions will be notified within 2 to 3 weeks of this meeting. Other applications for more localised international experiences will be notified within 2-3 weeks of application.
  • Those receiving funding may be required to give a presentation at an appropriate District event and it is a condition of funding that the applicant is prepared to do this.
  • There is a cap of approximately £1,500 per year and the Trustees will need to have this in mind in supporting any. The Trustees will also consider what other funding the District is supporting, such that any applicant will not receive more than one funding application from a District Fund.

Trustees of the Sub Fund

District Chairman
District Treasurer
2 Leaders not on District Trustee Board or part of District Team, one from either the Scout or Explorer Scout Sections and one from the Beaver and Cub Sections (to be proposed by DLV)

Geoff Hill International Fund application form 2024