Geoff Hill Fund – Development


To promote, encourage and support adventurous activities for young people in Maidenhead Scout District.


We have too few young people doing adventurous activities which should be at the heart of Scouting. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of local and accessible activity instructors/Leaders.


To subsidise Leaders and Helpers in gaining qualifications for running and instructing adventurous activities for the young people within their Units, Troops, Packs, Colonies and Dreys.

This would be on the basis of part subsidy (with the individual and Group paying a proportion), and an ‘agreement’ to subsequently instruct / lead groups of young people within the District.

Activities could include hill walking, mountaineering, abseiling, sailing, canoeing, dragon boating, archery, caving, etc. Specialist equipment would also be considered from this fund, where appropriate qualified instructors are available within the District.

Fund allocation

We would anticipate a budget of £ 1,500 per annum which would ensure that the fund extends to some 10 to 12 years dependant on interest rates.


  • The purpose of the Geoff Hill Fund is to support development projects in Maidenhead Scout District, which extend Scouting generally to more young people including different communities and areas in which Scouting does not normally reach.
  • It is assumed that the cost of any development project will be funded in a number of ways and it is not expected that the Geoff Hill Fund will be the only source of funding for that project.
  • There is no funding year, and projects will be considered on their merits as and when they are proposed.
  • Provided the applicant accepts the above then the process is as follows:
    1. Complete application form electronically through the Maidenhead Scout District Website.
    2. Applications are accepted at any time within the year.
    3. The request will then be considered by the Trustees of the Fund who will consider the application and the available funding. The Trustees decision is final.
    4. You will be notified of the decision.
  • The process, once the form is completed and submitted, is intended to be completed within 2 months of application. This will include any further discussions on the proposal with the Trustees.
  • It will be expected that on any project there will be regular reports to the District Executive Committee as to their progress.
  • The District Treasurer may decide that stage payments, based on progress of the project, are appropriate.
  • Accounts demonstrating how the monies have been expended will be required for larger projects, and the Trustees will set any conditions with their decision.

Trustees of the Sub Fund

District Chairman
District Treasurer
District Lead Volunteer
A member of the District Trustee Board or District Team (proposed by the DLV)
A Group Lead Volunteer (proposed by the DLV)