Geoff Hill Fund – Activities


To promote, encourage and support adventurous activities for young people in Maidenhead Scout District.


We have too few young people doing adventurous activities which should be at the heart of Scouting. One of the main reasons for this is the lack of local and accessible activity instructors/Leaders.


To subsidise Leaders and Helpers in gaining qualifications for running and instructing adventurous activities for the young people within their Units, Troops, Packs, Colonies and Dreys.

This would be on the basis of part subsidy (with the individual and Group paying a proportion), and an ‘agreement’ to subsequently instruct / lead groups
of young people within the District.

Activities could include hill walking, mountaineering, abseiling, sailing, canoeing, dragon boating, archery, caving, etc. Specialist equipment would also be considered from this fund, where appropriate qualified instructors are available within the District.

Fund allocation

We would anticipate a budget of £ 1,500 per annum which would ensure that the fund extends to some 10 to 12 years dependant on interest rates.


  • The purpose of the Geoff Hill Fund is to promote, encourage and support adventurous activities for young people in Maidenhead Scout District by supporting any adult involved with Scouting seeking to obtain qualifications in adventurous activities which when used will enable young people to carry out these activities.
  • Any adult involved within Maidenhead District Scouting may apply for funding through the Geoff Hill Fund. This could include Leaders, Lead Volunteers, Section Assistants, parents etc.
  • It is a condition of the funding that the individual will be prepared to use their activity qualification, if requested and required, outside of their own Group, but within the District, on approx 2-3 occasions in a year for two years following their qualification, assuming they of course still then live within the Maidenhead area and are involved with Scouting in any way.
  • It is assumed that the cost of any course for Leaders (including travel and subsistence) will be split 3 ways between the individual, Group and the Geoff Hill Fund. Should the Group decide not to support this, the individual will need to bear this additional cost. (Leaders are advised to seek Group support prior to any application). If the Group decides to support parents in gaining these qualifications the split can be the same, if not then parents will be expected to bear two thirds of the cost. Those with District only appointments will be split 2 ways between the individual and the Geoff Hill Fund.
  • The funding year is 1 September to 31 August.
  • Provided the applicant accepts the above then the process is as follows:
    1. Complete application form electronically through the Maidenhead Scout District Website, by completing this form you will be confirming your preparedness to support activities within Maidenhead District as detailed above. Applications are accepted at any time within the year.
    2. This will then need to be supported by the Programme Team Leader who is confirming that this qualification is an activity need in Maidenhead to enable more young people to carry out that activity. The applicant needs to take no action to obtain this support; you will only be advised if this is not forthcoming. Appeal to the District Lead Volunteer is possible if the applicant is not happy with this decision.
    3. The request will then be considered by the Trustees of the Fund who will consider the application and the available funding for the year. The Trustees decision is final.
    4. You will be notified of the decision.
  • The process, once the form is completed and submitted, is intended to be finalised within 2 to 3 weeks, at which point confirmation of funding will be confirmed.
  • Funding from the Geoff Hill Fund will be retrospective upon completion of the qualification and submission of receipts. Details of how to claim will be given in the confirmation of the award. In circumstances of financial hardship, funding can be arranged up front and the individual should discuss this directly with the District Treasurer, who has authority to agree this without involvement of others, so the matter will remain confidential.
  • There is a cap of approximately £1,500 per year and the Programme Team Leader will need to have this in mind in supporting any applications for funding from the Trustees.

Trustees of the Sub Fund

District Chairman
District Treasurer
Programme Team Leader
Leader not on District Trustee Board or part of District Team (to be proposed by DLV)