Getting Started

This page describes how to complete the getting started training. Each new leader is assigned a training mentor to help you through the process.

There are a number of online modules for you to complete that you need to send to your mentor. You can print it and give it to your mentor. However ideally use the printer “Microsoft XPS Document Writer” or “PDFCreator” which will allow you to save the certificate to a file and then email it directly without needing to print a paper copy.

Module 1: Essential Information

This module is mandatory for all roles.

Complete the online training here. At the end print out your certificate and send to your training mentor.

To validate this module you will need to:

  • Discuss your responses to the questions in the Check your Knowledge chart and reflect on the Fundamentals and key policies of The Scout Association with your Mentor to demonstrate your understanding and confidence to act in accordance with each core area. The “Check your Knowledge” chart for module 1 can be found in the personal learning plan.

And, if working towards achieving a wood badge, complete two of the following:

  1. Carry out a risk assessment of a meeting place.
  2. create and deliver an activity to explain the Promise and the Law and how they relate to the Fundamentals of The Scout Association to young people and adults
  3. Work with young people to create and implement an Anti-Bullying Code, and explain how it may help to prevent bullying within the Section.
  4. Any other ideas, subject to agreement with a Training Adviser.

Module 2: Personal Learning Plan

Module 2 is creating a Personal Learning Plan (PLP) with their Training Advisor (TA).

Module 3: Tools for the job

Leaders and sectional assistants must complete this module.

Complete the e-training here.

At the end print of the certificate and send it to your Mentor.

To validate this module the learner will need to:

  • Discuss your responses to the Check your knowledge chart on the topics covered. See the adults personal file for module 3 for the knowledge chart.

And complete the following:

  • plan and run, or assist in running, a section meeting: and reflect on this in a discussion with your Mentor

    You should include:

    • One activity or game appropriate to the section
    • One ceremony appropriate to the section

Alternatively any other ideas subject to agreement with your Mentor.

Module 4: Tools for the role (managers and supporters)

Complete the online training here.

At the end print the certificate and send it to your mentor.

See the adults personal file for validation requirements.

For Training Mentors

Getting Started Training Validation Form