10m Target Club

10m Target

New! Our rifle club will focus on 10m target shooting, open to all Scouts, Explorers and Network members in Maidenhead District.
We will meet at 10am to 11:30am on a Sunday at Boyne Hill Altwood Scout HQ.

Sign up for rifle club is currently closed as we are fully subscribed. Please like Maidenhead Scouts Facebook page for updates.

You will learn how to safely handle an air rifle and hone your skills shooting target over a distance of 10m from a standing position. We’ll help you keep score so you can see your improvement over time. We use high quality Air Arms S200 rifles.

There will also be fun games and things to try in each session.

Come just fur fun or you can choose to follow the NSRA Youth Proficiency Scheme and gain your Scouts Master at Arms badge.

More about target shooting as a sport can be found here:
ISSF 10m Air Rifle

Cost is just £2 per session payable on the day.
Please wear your normal Scout uniform.